Our Services


Our Services

Weed Control On Turf & Flower Beds​

Weed Control on turf & Flower Beds:

Control unwanted weeds on the turf and mulching areas with our mastery program.  You will start to see results the following week after service.  We use preventive and post emergent products four times during the year and spot treatment every visit. Guaranteed results. 

Fertilization on Turf & Shrubs

Fertilization on turf & shrubs:

To properly feed your turf & shrubs, you need our special, unique formula of nutrients.   We have created a unique combination of Macro and Micro nutrients, soil amendments and organic components to provide the best nutrition for your plants. 

Deep Root Feeding on Trees

Deep root feeding on trees:

The practice of using an injector directly into the soil around the trees, provides valuable nutrients to the roots. Our know-how formula provides essential macro and micro nutrients for these special plants and provides billions of micro-organisms to improve the conditions of the soil. 

Insects / Fungus Control On Turf, Shrubs & Trees

Insects / fungus control on turf, shrubs & trees:

We use an Integrated Pest Management strategy that focuses on long-term control and prevention of pests on turf, shrubs & trees.   Our technique focuses in reducing the impact in the environment but, at the same time, controlling damaging and harmful pests. 

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ant Control:

One treatment lasts 10 months guaranteed.  We use the best products in the market to control fire ants.  This is the same effective treatment used around schools to allow kids to enjoy the outdoors safely. 

Weed Control Katy Tx
Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter pest control:

Our licensed specialist will treat all the surrounding areas of your home to prevent any pest from going inside your house.  We believe that if you keep pest out and away from the house, you would not need to treat inside.  Our perimeter treatment is done every 2 months to maintain results.  In case you have a current pest infestation, we can provide you with an extra service. 

Mowing Services

Mowing services:

Keep your lawn perfectly mowed is our job.  We provide the best service for our customer in Katy, Cypress, Sugarland & NW Houston.  Our mowers are clean and neat, and our blades are sharped.  We mow the same day every week if weather permits.  We set up all the customers through our automatic payment using credit card.  You will notify by email of every service completed and payment posted.  You can visit your customer portal or call us with any question. 

Green-ER Mowing Services
Green-ER Aeration & soil amendments
Aeration & Soil Amendments

Aeration & soil amendments:

Our soil is composed mostly of heavy clay soil that does not provide the good conditions to growth healthy turf.  Our aeration helps to improve the water retention, microorganism activity and air circulation. This process revives the soil throughout a mechanical aeration and soil amendments.  

Green-ER Irrigation set up and repair

Irrigation set up and repair:

We believe that watering correctly and efficiently is the way to improve and maintain a good turf, healthy shrubs and trees.  Also, a efficient system means less water waste and less money spent in utilities. 

Green-ER Irrigation set up and repair

Service Packages


  • (4) Weed control on turf and (4) on flower beds.
  • Fertilization on (3) turf and (1) shrubs.
  • (1) Deep root feeding for small trees.
  • Insect / fungus control on (2) turf, (1) shrubs and (1) trees.
  • (1) Fire ant control.
  • (4) Irrigation set up every season.


  • Program A +
  • (1) Aeration +
  • (1) Gypsum.


(only weed control, fertilization and Insect/Fungus control on TURF)

  • (4) Weed control +
  • (3) Fertilization +
  • (1) Insect/ fungus control on turf


(The most complete program for your property + Mowing + Pestcontrol)

  • Program A +
  • (1) Aeration + Gypsum
  • (23 or 46) Mowing Service ( Mowing + Edging + Blowing)
  • (6) Perimeter Pest Control


(Mowing + Lawn, Shrubs, Trees care)

  • Program A +
  • (23 or 46) Mowing Service ( Mowing + Edging + Blowing)

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