What is Sod Webworms and what can you do about it ?

Currently in Houston and surrounding areas there is an infestation of Sod Webworms attacking lawns.


Sod webworms are identifiable as small moths about an inch wide that fly and around and live in your lawn. Whenever in its larvae stage the Sod Webworm will eat away at your lawn and in large quantities will kill the lawn. Named because of the weblike substance it releases when burrowing into the ground these pest can be very detrimental to the overall health of your lawn.

Once the worms become adults they no longer pose a threat to your lawn, but the eggs they lay do. That’s why spraying for Sod Webworms has become such an important service for us right now. If you began to notice large amount of moths when walking through your lawn or if you suddenly see the health of your lawn suddenly change you may have a Sod Webworm problem.


Here at Green-ER we specialize in controlling all pest including Sod Webworm. Let us protect your lawn today.

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