Why should I care about Fertilizing?

Discover why and how you can use fertilizer in your lawn.


If you have lived long enough in Houston then you’ll know that most of the soil is made of hard compact clay that provides little to no nutritional value for any growing plants. In order to achieve the iconic look with thick dark green grass, fertilizer is a necessity. In order to insure the health and continued growth of your shrubs and trees, fertilizer is a must. 

The fertilization of your lawn and shrubs should be handled with care. Too little fertilizer and the effects on your plant life will be minimal to none. On the other hand, too much fertilizer can burn the grass and leave you with spots all over your yard. That’s why we at Green-ER take the responsibility to fertilize your lawn and shrubs with the necessary care and precision needed to elevate your plant life. As a fertilization company, we aim to elevate the appearance and overall health of your lawn and shrubs.

GreenER Lawns, Shrubs & Trees Care

Upon arrival at your property, a Green-ER technician will measure out the appropriate amount of fertilizer needed to properly cover your whole lawn. We have the experience and understanding of how to properly maintain all the most common grasses found in Houston: St Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia Grass. As an added measure to assure the proper fertilization of your shrubs, we hand measure the fertilizer for each individual shrub and make certain that our fertilizer isn’t being needlessly spilt and reaching the shrubs where they can make the most use of it. 

In the case of larger plants such as palm trees, we also provide fertilization with a special blend of fertilizer made just to help them grow. Now is the time to fertilize your lawn and shrubs and reap the rewards. 


Allow us at Green-ER to be your go-to fertilization control company and provide you with our knowledge and expertise. Enjoy your yard again and let us worry about the fertilization. Call us today and schedule your FREE NO OBLIGATION Quote and see what we can do for you.


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